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Elizabethtown DUI & DWI Lawyer

Whether you only had a couple of drinks with dinner, or you were out with friends, had too much to drink and made the mistake of getting behind the wheel – the consequences of being pulled over, arrested, charged and ultimately convicted of drunk driving (DUI/DWI) can resonate throughout your life.

As a firm representing the criminally accused throughout Kentucky, we understand the importance of taking decisive action against DUI and other traffic-related charges. To soften the blow of a DUI arrest, contact us right away.

We Fight Back Against DUI Charges On Your Behalf

If you are over the legal limit when you get behind the wheel, chances are that you will be facing more than just a hangover the next morning. Even a first-time conviction can leave you without a driver’s license, paying fines and fees, attending required substance abuse education programs, community service and possibly jail time.

Regardless of whether this is your first DUI or your second, we will examine every aspect of your case from the administrative suspensions to defending you during trial. By carrying out a thorough investigation, vetting evidence – including the police report; the results of a field sobriety test, Breathalyzer or blood test; and any other factors that may have a bearing on your arrest – we can build a defense that can mitigate the consequences and possibly have your case dismissed.

Our Lawyers Bring Experience And Credibility Into The Courtroom

For many people, losing their driver’s license is out of the question. If your job requires a CDL, you commute to work or simply need to drive your kids to school and extracurricular activities, you need to have a valid license. Don’t let a DUI or DWI disrupt your life; contact us at Dowan Law Offices and start building your defense.

You can schedule your consultation by contacting our Elizabethtown law office at 270-872-0911 or by completing our online contact form.