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Are You Looking For Alternatives To Going To Family Court?

Staying out of court when resolving family law and child custody matters can save money, time and stress of appearing before a judge. When considering litigation alternatives (also known as alternative dispute resolution or ADR), make sure you work with a proven credentialed professional.

Collaborative Law Attorneys Help Smooth The Path To Resolutions For Families

All of the attorneys at Dowan Law Offices are certified and collaborative law trained. Additionally, attorney LeeAnna Dowan belongs to the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals.

Collaborative Law allows our clients to resolve their legal disputes without going to court. By having mental health professionals, financial counselors, and attorneys certified to practice collaborative law, clients can resolve their legal conflicts in an environment that is dedicated to reducing conflict and the impact it may have on clients and their families.

Affordable Parenting Coordinator Services

Ms. Dowan is a qualified Parenting Coordinator. Parenting Coordinators act as managers for family disputes involving custody and co-parenting. Like Collaborative law, Parenting Coordinators seek to resolve parenting disputes without having to involve the court. A Parenting Coordinator allows disputes to be resolved more efficiently and is often more cost-effective in the long run for families.

Certified Mediators To Help Resolve Your Case

Ms. Dowan and Ms. Talley are certified mediators. Dowan Law Offices is available for clients and attorneys seeking informal resolutions to their cases. Mediators serve as a neutral third party to resolve conflicts between parties and attempt to reach an agreement outside of court. Mediation is often a quicker alternative that allows for clients to come to an agreement without waiting for lengthy court dockets for a hearing date.

Discover How Collaborative Practices Can Help Your Situation

Our lawyers are compassionate advocates who are trained in resolving conflicts. Call Dowan Law Offices in Elizabethtown at 270-872-0911. You may also reach out to us online to request an appointment.