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Elizabethtown Divorce Modification Lawyer

Known by many names – modifications, support modifications, modification of custody, post-decree modifications, etc. – there are numerous changes you or your former partner may need to make to your initial divorce decree as your family’s situation evolves.

Local Lawyers Helping You Resolve Your Divorce Today, While Standing With You Tomorrow

Although it may not seem like it right now, life does go on after divorce. As you proceed with your career, perhaps go back to school, or as the time you spend with your children is affected by your parenting time agreement, you may want to make changes to your post-divorce decree to better accommodate your lifestyle.

At Dowan Law Offices, we are here for you to ensure your post-divorce decree and other agreements match the shifts in your personal, professional and family life. Whether you lost your job and can no longer keep up with support payments, or your child’s medical needs have changed, we can help you avoid delinquency, see that you are receiving the amount you deserve and ensure that your family’s changing needs are accounted for.

Some common life events that necessitate post-divorce modifications include:

  • One party loses his or her job and can no longer keep up with payments.
  • One party takes on a new job and earns a more substantial income.
  • One or both parties remarry.
  • Children grow older and have different needs, e.g., extracurricular activities such as sports or clubs.
  • A child’s medical needs change.
  • One spouse wishes to move, and the parenting time agreement needs to change.

As an attorney with a family of her own, LeeAnna Dowan understands the shifting circumstances of family life. In many cases we look to resolve disputes or grievances amicably. If a petition to modify is necessary, we will review the record of any complaints, discrepancies or direct violations of the post-divorce decree. With evidence in hand, we can make a case for modifications that benefit you and your children.

Contact Us When Significant Life Changes Affect Your Post-Divorce Decree

Even if we did not assist you with your divorce, we can be your resource when you have questions about making changes to your divorce decree. Schedule a free initial consultation at our Elizabethtown, Kentucky, law office by calling 270-872-0911 or by completing our online contact form.