Child Protective Services (CPS)
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Child Protective Services Cases Need Compassionate Legal Guidance

Nothing is more alarming than learning your child is being removed from your care and possession by a social worker. Even if a parent can reasonably surmise the reasons underlying the removal, those reasons can be difficult to acknowledge, much less to overcome.

All of the attorneys at Dowan Law Offices are skilled and experienced in these cases. We work in 5 counties locally, including Hardin County, representing parents and children whose families are facing these challenges.  We understand the need to reunite families so that children can be raised by their parents and have safe, stable and loving homes in which to grow up.

CPS Rules And Case Are Unique. We Can Help.

These cases are governed by a unique set of statutes only applicable to children caught up in these types of family problems. Dowan Law Offices attorneys are well versed in these statutes and how those rules affect parents, children’s rights, social worker responsibilities and the role of the court. This knowledge makes a difference in the success and outcome of these cases and the future success for children involved in the court system through Child Protective Services.

Parents facing this type of situation are often frustrated, heart-broken and feel defeated when trying to resolve their difficulties. Social workers are frequently unavailable for conferencing or unreliable when maintaining contact with parents. Parents need concrete resources for support in working through case plan tasks in the most timely manner available. We also offer parenting time coordinator services.

Timeliness Matters. Make An Appointment Today.

The Kentucky family law attorneys at Dowan Law Offices are knowledgeable, compassionate and resourceful. Our goal is to promote healthy family environments for our community and children so they may have a successful future. Call us for an appointment at 270-872-0911. You may also email us to request an appointment.