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Plan Your Legacy With Effective Tools

After a lifetime of accomplishments, the end of a person’s life often poses special challenges, both medically and financially. It can be stressful for the decedent’s family members to grapple with all the difficulties. You can ease your loved ones’ burdens in advance by drafting powers of attorney, a health care directive, a will and possibly one or more trusts.

What if you are concerned about favorite charitable causes instead of or in addition to family members? You can protect your hard-earned assets for whatever causes you have in mind by working with an experienced estate planning attorney. Customize your final wealth transfer strategy for peace of mind. Preserve assets for their intended purposes with the help of a lawyer who is committed to protecting your interests and honoring your wishes.

At Dowan Law Offices, we believe in giving clients the precise customized tools that they need. We will carefully evaluate your goals and recommend the documents and initiatives most likely to have the desired outcome.

Make Your Wishes Known Through Estate Planning

At the heart of every estate plan, there should be a will to prevent trouble and avoid unnecessary expenses. Without a will, your heirs may fight and/or face unnecessary legal fees that may diminish your estate. Other estate planning tools include the following:

  • One or more powers of attorney to help ensure that whoever you designate as your agent(s) can handle your affairs if you become incapacitated
  • A health care directive to spare your family and doctors the agony of uncertainty and disputes over whether to resuscitate you, allow you to receive blood transfusions and/or use a feeding tube if your condition becomes dire

Finally, one or more trusts can let your trustee and other beneficiaries take ownership of your assets seamlessly upon your death. You may select a revocable or irrevocable trust, a generation-skipping trust or a special needs trust, depending on your objectives. We can help you devise an overall effective estate plan to meet your needs.

Get Guidance After A Death In The Family

You may have been named an executor (personal representative) in the will of a family member or close friend, or a judge may appoint you to that position if someone close to you died without a will. You are doing the right thing by looking for a knowledgeable probate law attorney to help you administer the estate efficiently while preventing the risk of legal troubles for yourself.

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