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Elizabethtown Adoption Lawyer

Last updated on November 27, 2023

For many families in Elizabethtown and the surrounding communities, adoptions are a means of legally signaling a new beginning. Ranging from stepparent adoptions to situations where a grandparent or another family member becomes the primary, legal caregiver for a child, there are a number of adoption scenarios that may require the guidance of a skilled attorney.

At the Dowan Law Offices, we have helped numerous people achieve their dreams of building a family through adoption.

A Kentucky Law Firm Helping Stepparents Adopt

In some cases, an adoption is a simple and exciting experience. In others, contention can stall the process. Whether you are a stepparent or the biological mother or father, we understand that you have questions and concerns that need immediate answers. With years of experience, we have been through all types of adoption and family law situations and understand how to help you stay on task, keep costs to a minimum and quickly resolve your matter.

When it comes to adoption and other family law issues, no two families’ situations are exactly the same. That is why we custom tailor our methods to provide personalized attention to each individual or family that comes through our doors. If you are a stepparent looking to adopt or are the biological parent and need legal counsel regarding your rights, we will provide you with straightforward, no-nonsense advice to better inform your decisions.

Family law issues involving children can quickly sour. Parents, stepparents or other family members can lose sight of the ultimate goal when want protecting their relationships with their loved ones. At Dowan Law Offices, we always fight for what’s best for the children.

Get Started With Help From An Experienced Team Of Lawyers

When considering an adoption, get an informed perspective by contacting the Dowan Law Offices and scheduling a free initial consultation. Our legal team has the experience and understanding of the local laws and courts than can help you through the family law process effectively and efficiently.

Call our experienced Elizabethtown adoption attorney, LeeAnna Dowan, today by dialing 270-872-0911 or completing our online contact form, and we will promptly get in touch.