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October 2016 Archives

Elements that determine a child's best interests

In most cases, it is usually best for a divorcing family to determine among themselves what a fair custody arrangement looks like for them. Each instance of child custody has its own contributing factors, and no two situations are exactly the same. However, when a court gets involved with a custody agreement if the parents cannot create their fair own parenting plan, it will attempt to make a ruling based on what is in the child's best interest. This determination is not an exact science and can be affected by many factors.

Drug charges don't have to end in incarceration

When it comes to the complex issue of drug use and possession, there are no easy answers. For those of us who are living in traditionally conservative states like Kentucky, the public stigma against drug use, especially the more "dangerous" ones, has been written in to the way that the law treats drug offenders, often times resulting in an over-sentencing epidemic.

Must I split a private account in a divorce?

Divorce can bring up questions that you never thought to ask yourself while you were married. When it comes to equitable asset division, the rules for which assets may or may not be split during divorce proceedings can get a bit tricky, especially depending on the state where you are residing. Kentucky is an "equitable distribution" state, so the odds are already better for keeping more of what you believe is rightfully yours.

Drunk driver nearly hits police officers

Drunken driving can lead to dangerous choices behind the wheel. According to authorities, a man demonstrated extraordinary recklessness recently in Louisville when he failed to drive safely through an area that had been shut down for another car accident that had occurred earlier on the same road.