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December 2016 Archives

Don't hesitate to pursue fair child support

Being a parent is a difficult task under the best of circumstances, but becomes increasingly trying when one parent or another does not fulfill his or her responsibilities to the child. For thousands of parents fighting the good fight every day to be the best parent they can be for the child they love, the lack of child support from the other parent is an unfair burden that they should not have to bear. If you are dealing with unpaid child support, there are actions you can take to get the help you need.

Kentucky asset division

No matter what kind of marriage you may have, or how long it has survived, a divorce will mean determining a fair division of assets that must be approved by a court before the relationship can be legally dissolved. Kentucky, like most states in the union, operates on the "equitable division" system, meaning that assets and liabilities that are deemed to be marital property are to be divided "fairly" rather than "equally."

Uncontested divorce still benefits from quality counsel

For couples who decide to divorce and believe that they can do so amicably, utilizing easily downloaded forms and attempting a Do-It-Yourself uncontested divorce may seem like the best way to go. It is true that there is no necessary need to turn a mutual decision into a lengthy litigation, but planning to go about this process without any kind of legal counsel is never wise.

Who is given preference in child custody cases -- mom or dad?

In contested custody cases, it is difficult to say what the outcome will be. Most fathers are likely to think that their wishes do not matter and that the mother's wants have priority. There was a time that this was true. However, things are changing, and, at the end of the day, the goal of

What are tax implications of divorce?

If you're getting divorced, there are many things that you will be trying to sort through. Being able to sit down and sort out the particulars of moving on can be quite difficult, but you may be saving yourself a great headache later on by biting the bullet and doing it now. One of the most important things to discuss are the tax implications of a divorce, which can vary widely from marriage, depending on how complex your assets are and whether or not their are dependent children to be considered.