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February 2017 Archives

Dealing with a mortgage in a divorce

When two people divorce, the split will always be personal — after all, you're dissolving a serious relationship. However, the law is innately impersonal, and treats your marriage like a business relationship. Because of the official nature of your personal relationship with your spouse, some parts of the process can be surprisingly complex. One of the most common areas of difficulty that divorcing couples encounter is what to do with a mortgage.

New proposed law gives hope after a conviction

Being charged with a drug crime is never something to take lightly, and a conviction can carry harsh penalties long after a defendant has paid his or her debt to society. Unfortunately for those who have been convicted of a drug crime, they will face serious barriers to leading a normal life, such as difficulty finding rental properties that will accept them as tenants, and difficulty finding employers who will hire them. Thankfully, a new proposed bill offers Kentuckians some good news for those who have been convicted of drug crimes or are struggling with drug addiction.

What counts as marital property?

Many couples, swept along by the tide of expectation and hopeful feelings, do not enter into marriage with a solid grasp on exactly what being married does, and what marital property is. In the eyes of the law, marriage is very much a business contract, meaning that the person you marry generally may have a right to at least a portion of your belongings, especially those you acquire after being married.

Child custody exchanges can lead to serious conflict

When there are children in a marriage, divorce can often be difficult to realistically finalize. Even though the matter may be settled in the eyes of the court after a divorce decree is handed down, the ongoing need for spouses to interact in order to swap the children in custody exchanges can lead to conflict. This is understandable, but still problematic, and must be handled with great care.