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March 2017 Archives

What are the benefits of uncontested divorce?

If you and your spouse both want a divorce and can quickly and simply come to a fair agreement about your divorce settlement, you may be good candidates for an uncontested divorce. Unlike a contested divorce, the process is generally more efficient, less costly and can go from the initial phases to a final divorce decree in far less time.

5 suspects face a variety of drug charges

When it comes to drug-related arrests, law enforcement often works for some time to put together a set of charges against a group of people suspected of drug crimes. This can create unique defense challenges, generally offering some members of the group an opportunity to claim some degree of relative innocence. However, it makes it much more difficult to claim that the charges are a misunderstanding.

Plan for parent-child traveling to avoid conflict

After divorcing, you may still have to deal with your spouse on a regular basis if you the two of you share parenting of a child. While you may have worked out a good rhythm for your daily, weekly or monthly routine, things can get a bit more complicated around holidays or other times when one of you may want to take the child traveling for more than a day or two. Lengthy traveling with a child can create a great deal of conflict with the other parent, especially if you don't work out all the details ahead of time.

Bill set to slow Kentucky divorces hits roadblock

A bill that would make it more difficult and lengthy for couples with children to get a divorce has been stalled by the House Judiciary Committee after hearing arguments for the proposed change and determining that there was "no consensus" on the matter among the lawmakers. While the bill is not dead yet, it is looking more and more likely that Kentucky divorces will proceed normally for the time being.

Changing DUI laws may mean a lifetime of consequences

Your first DUI arrest was probably a wake-up call. Whether you had never before driven after drinking, or you were just lucky not getting caught sooner, being handcuffed and processed was likely something you are not eager to repeat. Even if you were fortunate to have a lenient judge who sentenced you to community service, you may have promised yourself that it was your first and last mistake.

Kentucky's Per Se provision

Kentucky has its own set of laws that govern how the legal system treats drunk driving charges. One element of Kentucky's DUI law that is frequently misunderstood is the "Illegal Per Se" provision that significantly reduces the burden of proof on law enforcement for DUI charges. DUI charges are not something to take lightly and may be punished harshly.