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September 2017 Archives

Can my ex alter our custody order through an out-of-state court?

After parents split up, their lives may drift from each other considerably, even if they continue to share some custody or visitation privileges. In many instances, parents are no longer living in the same state. In some instances, a parent may attempt to go to a court in a new state and petition to the court to alter a custody arrangement.

Devising a parenting plan to prevent conflict

When you look at your children, you may realize they are one important reason to be grateful for your marriage, even if the marriage didn't last. Now that you are facing divorce, the last thing you want is for those children to suffer through arguments and disagreements while you and your ex struggle to parent them from separate households.

Keeping your pet in the divorce

If you own a pet, you understand that they are as much a part of the family as you or your spouse or your children. In fact, to many spouses, pets are the de facto children in the marriage. This can make divorces especially difficult when it comes time to decide who should keep the pet in a divorce.

Restraining orders and divorce

Divorce can occur many ways, but sometimes a spouse realizes that they must leave a relationship because it is not a safe place to stay. If you believe that your spouse is dangerous, especially if they have acted violently toward you in the past, you may consider a restraining order. A restraining order does not always solve every domestic violence issue, but it can go a long way toward helping you avoid dangerous situations.

Shared credit can make a mess post-divorce

When it comes time to split up marital property in a divorce, the reality of the matter is often far more complex than people realize. One of the most common pitfalls for divorcing couples is what to do with debt that they jointly accrued. Many couples forget that liabilities are also a part of marital property and must be divided up just like assets.

Can I object to the state of the other parent's home?

It's not always easy to let your child's other parent exercise his or her rights as a parent, especially if you don't approve of his or her style of parenting. This is exceptionally true when a child is still an infant and considerably more vulnerable than older children. For many parents, this conflict arises around the safety and security of the place where the child stays when visiting the other parent.