Amicable divorce: Myth or realistic possibility?
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Amicable divorce: Myth or realistic possibility?

On Behalf of | Dec 24, 2017 | Divorce |

If you’ve ever reviewed statistics for divorce rates compared by state, you may have noticed that Kentucky ranks among the top listed states for highest divorce rates in the nation. Of course, presuming that most marriages in one state or the other will automatically end in divorce is like saying every person who steps outdoors into sunlight will get burned. It’s impossible to predict whether a marriage will last a lifetime just as there’s no foolproof way of knowing who will get sunburn.

In either situation, however, there are often precursors that suggest a higher risk for a particular outcome. For instance, those with very fair skin or a history of severe blistering in the sun may likely assume if they stay outdoors in the sun too long without protection, they might suffer a burn. The same goes for married couples. If there’s a communication breakdown, unresolved disputes or a cataclysmic event that causes damage one or the other spouse feels is irreparable, divorce may be more likely to occur.

Sorting the facts and the fiction

No one can say that all marriages are the same or that you will experience divorce (if it occurs) the same as everyone who has navigated the process before you. Such generalizations do far more harm than good. If you think your marriage is headed for divorce, you may want to try to bust some of the myths before you enter proceedings. The following information may help get you started:

  • Much speculation circulates regarding how many people actually get divorced in America. Don’t pay much mind to the assertions that it’s one out of every two couples. The fact is that it may be much closer to 40 percent since some people get married and divorced over and over again, and that drives the overall national rate higher.
  • It’s also completely false that all divorces are acrimonious and complicated. Many people in Kentucky and elsewhere obtain uncontested divorces in swift and agreeable manners. Much depends on individual spouses’ willingness to cooperate and compromise. It also seems to have a positive effect on proceedings when an experienced family law attorney is on hand to act as a personal advocate.
  • You may have heard generalizations that women need to be on their guard because men are usually the ones who file for divorce. The reality is that the opposite is true.

In addition to these myths, it’s also a falsehood that every divorce is highly expensive and leads to financial disaster. The fact is that many people are able to achieve agreeable settlements in economically feasible manners. It’s crucial to view your own situation for what it is and go from there regarding the possible financial implications of divorce in your circumstances.

You can go it alone to obtain a divorce in court if you want, but most people choose to act alongside experienced representation because doing so tends to produce a more satisfactory outcome.