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How old is too old for divorce in Kentucky?

When a marriage gets stale, it can quickly go downhill. Whether there are financial troubles, issues with infidelity or a lack of love; the marriage could very easily head for divorce. Divorce is very common today. The question of "how old is too old for divorce" is also common. Many people age 50 and older want to know if it's too late for them to get a divorce.

Divorce at the age of 50 or older is known as gray divorce. This divorce rate was one in every 10 in 1990 for couples with at least one person age 50 or older. Just a decade or so later, the rate jumped to one in four couples with at least one person age 50 or older. Gray divorce, previously looked at as rare, has now become very common.

You need to be honest with yourself when looking at divorce later in life. Ask yourself these two important questions: Are you happy? Are you worth getting happy? If you cannot come up with answers to these questions, then maybe it is time to get a divorce, no matter your age.

Take a look at your current finances and then divide all of it in half. This includes your debt and income. It also includes your retirement accounts. Make sure you can handle living on half of the income if you decide to get divorced.

Now that you know divorce is not impossible for people of any age you can begin planning your future in Elizabethtown, Kentucky. Just be ready to live on a tighter budget, deal with backlash from your spouse and know what you truly want.

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