Rules you should follow to make joint custody successful
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Rules you should follow to make joint custody successful

On Behalf of | May 23, 2018 | Child Custody |

When you go through a custody battle with the other parent of your children, you will likely experience the gamut of emotions. Many custody battles stem from acrimonious divorces. If you have recently gone through a custody battle in Elizabethtown and were awarded joint custody, you need to follow the rules outlined below to make it a successful venture for all parties involved.

The most important rule is that joint custody is not about you. The divorce was about you (and your ex), but now it’s all about the children. Take your emotions and feelings out of the equation and make sure the children are the focus right now.

Both parents need to be as realistic as possible about their schedules and commitments. Don’t promise time with your child if you know you will be working overtime on the weekend or need to go to a work meeting.

You have to come to the realization that being a bad spouse does not mean the same person will be a bad parent, even if they are alone with your children. When you accept this duality in your ex’s nature, you will find things go much more smoothly.

Listen to your children. Let them be heard. If they have issues or concerns they bring to you, listen to them openly. Acknowledge their issues and try to solve them as easily as possible.

Adjust the arrangement when you and the other parent feel it is necessary to do so. At first, you might want to adjust the arrangement every six months until you get into a rhythm. Then you can tweak it every year or so.

The rules mentioned in this post are not exhaustive. There’s plenty of other things you and the other parent can do to ensure that your children are happy and safe in a joint custody situation in Kentucky.