Tips for choosing a neutral custody swap location
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Tips for choosing a neutral custody swap location

by | May 31, 2019 | Child Custody |

When the time comes to create a custody agreement with the other parent of your children, it’s important to find out the available locations for the exchange of custody in your area. A neutral location can make everyone involved, especially the children, feel comfortable despite having to share time with each parent. Here are some tips for choosing a neutral location.

The first place you should check when trying to find a neutral location for child custody exchange is the local police station. Many police stations designate themselves as drop-off locations for custody exchanges. If your local police station serves as such, be sure to agree on this location with the other parent before seeking out anywhere else.

If the local police station is not a designated exchange location, it’s time to explore other options. Your other options could include your child’s school, the public library, a doctor’s office or anywhere else that allows you to conduct the exchange of child custody on their property.

Was there an exchange location named by the court in the child custody agreement? If so, you will need to abide by this order from the court. This means you have to use this location to drop-off or pick up your child. The other parent must follow this order too.

Once you find a neutral location, it is important to come to an agreement on it with the other parent. If the two of you are unable to agree on a common location you might need to take the issue to the family court system.