Kelly Clarkson’s reasons for divorce may mirror lots of couples
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Kelly Clarkson’s reasons for divorce may mirror lots of couples

On Behalf of | Jun 16, 2020 | Divorce, Property Division |

The name Kelly Clarkson is well-known to many Kentucky music lovers. Those who follow her career may already know that she and her husband, Brandon Blackstock, recently decided to divorce. After spending some concentrated time together as most people across the country have, they realized their marriage was over.

Clarkson is said to be heartbroken that her marriage did not work out. Both she and Blackstock have decided to continue to work together to raise their children and strive to make the coming transitions as stress-free as possible for their two children. In fact, one of their primary concerns is making sure they give their children the benefit of a joint custody arrangement in which they have as much access to each parent as possible.

When it comes to financial issues, Clarkson is asking the court to enforce the couple’s prenuptial agreement and to eliminate the possibility of spousal support for her future former husband. At this point, the details of the prenup have not been revealed, so there is no indication of how the couple will divide their property. It appears the couple wants to get through the process as painlessly as possible, which will ultimately benefit the whole family.

Many Kentucky parents who have struggled to get through these uncertain times may be in the same position as Clarkson and Blackstock. As they contemplate their divorce, it may be worthwhile to take a page from this couple and make the conscious decision to put their children first in order to help them through the upcoming changes and new way of life. The more couples can work together to finalize the issues between them, the greater the possibility of reaching an amicable settlement that will help everyone move forward.