Can a parenting plan help with homework issues?
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Can a parenting plan help with homework issues?

On Behalf of | Aug 28, 2020 | Child Custody |

With all of the changes people here in Kentucky and elsewhere are currently dealing with, some things have stayed the same. Kids will still need to attend school in some fashion and with that comes homework. It can be challenging to get them to do their assignments under the best of conditions, so when parents decide to divorce, they may want to consider how they are going to address the issue. A parenting plan could provide a way for them to provide some consistency for their children, which could help keep them on track academically.

Even though parents have the final say regarding when homework will be done, they could include the children in the creation of a schedule that will translate from one home to the other. Not only does this give them some structure to their schoolwork, but it also lets them know that their parents are communicating and working together to make sure they keep up. Working a schedule for these tasks into a parenting plan could help everyone adhere to a schedule.

Of course, each parent can spend time with the children in any way they choose as long as the children are not in danger. Even so, some consistency between homes will go a long way toward helping them with the transitions divorce inevitably brings. For this reason, Kentucky parents facing this situation may want to add this and other types of “house rules” in their parenting plans.

Child custody issues are often a primary concern for parents going through a divorce and their children. Even though it is nearly impossible to predict the future, it may be possible to do some planning for it in a parenting plan, such as making sure that children do their homework. This may not seem like a pressing issue at this time, but this one and others will be at some point, and the more prepared parents are, the less stress they may face in the future.