Are divorce rates on the rise? The numbers say yes
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Are divorce rates on the rise? The numbers say yes

On Behalf of | Oct 16, 2020 | Divorce |

No one can deny that the world has changed dramatically in the last few months. The effect on families across the country and here in Kentucky may not fully be felt for quite some time. Even so, a number of effects are beginning to come to light, including the fact that more couples are contemplating or getting a divorce.

One statistic shows a 34% rise in couples interested in divorce. The stresses and frustrations associated with staying home together, schooling children at home and working from home began taking their toll in the first month. The time since then only made matters worse.

Every couple has issues, but those whose issues were bubbling below the surface boiled over during stay-at-home orders. Some couples could no longer deny the issues they managed to ignore when they spent less time together on a daily basis. In addition, they may not have the same access to their social networks in order to work through their frustrations and stressors. Some couples may be able to work through their problems and weather the storm, but not all will be able to do so.

Couples here in Kentucky who feel that their marriages will not survive current events may decide that the best solution for their families is to divorce. Before they can do that, they may want to find out what their rights and legal options are, particularly if they have children. Moreover, identifying any issues between them that they are not confident they can resolve outside a courtroom may help determine how the process will go. From there, it would be in their best interests to consult with an attorney before moving forward.