How do parenting apps help save you money?
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How do parenting apps help save you money?

On Behalf of | Jan 11, 2022 | Child Custody, Coparenting |

Life after divorce can be difficult, especially for parents. Learning to live under a new co-parenting routine can be challenging and also expensive. Many unexpected costs come from a contentious co-parenting relationship, and technology offers us a lot of ways to make things easier. Despite everything that technology can do for us, can it really make life after divorce easier? Using an app, such as Our Family Wizard, may be able to help both households after a divorce.

How can an app help?

Communication is vital between co-parents, yet it can still be hard to come by. Thankfully, Our Family Wizard offers ex-spouses the tools they need to maintain communication. Their app allows a lot of useful functions, such as:

  • Tracking schedules
  • Provide a neutral ground for both parents to communicate with one another
  • Maintain control of when and how you address your communications
  • Confirming holiday visitation
  • A messaging system that confirms when the message was sent and opened

In addition to this new organization, it also offers parents the opportunity to save money and enjoy other benefits. Couples can avoid the cost of court and the lost income to skip work in the process. They can also enjoy a less stressful lifestyle by not worrying about if your ex is getting your messages, if they know about upcoming appointments for the kids, and if they are on top of compensating you for shared expenses.

Make co-parenting easier

Instead of fighting about when you told your ex-spouse something or how much they may owe for child support or trips to the doctor, use an organization app that can help you make your co-parenting clearer and easier. Let an app help you save time, money and — perhaps most importantly — energy in your life after divorce.

LeeAnna Dowan is a qualified Parenting Coordinator. Ms. Dowan assists families in Kentucky with divorce, child custody and family law matters.