The possible role of military pensions in a divorce
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The possible role of military pensions in a divorce

On Behalf of | Mar 20, 2023 | Divorce |

Going through the end of a marriage can be stressful and intimidating, and you might encounter various types of difficult choices during a similar scenario in life. With so much at stake, you may feel it vital to seek insight on every step to take to help safeguard your financial future through every stage of this process.

If you are an active service member, or are retired from the military, you might have questions about the role your military pension might play in this process. Seeking advice on factors to address regarding this asset may be vital to preparing a strategy for what comes next that aligns with your interests and needs.

Vital factors regarding military pensions

Although knowing how best to approach topics such as military pensions can seem a complex concept, it may also be an integral component to preparing for what comes next. A few examples of factors to address regarding such assets may include:

  • Property division: The Uniformed Services Former Spouse Protection Act allows courts to treat military pensions as marital assets. As such, your pension could play a significant role in the property division process.
  • Marital or separate: When you receive your pension and whether you mixed these assets with marital wealth may also prove relevant factors to determining whether your pension is marital or separate property.
  • Length of marriage: The length of your marriage may have no impact on whether the court can order the division of a military pension. However, this aspect could still influence your spouse’s eligibility for direct payments from the Department of Defense.
  • State laws: Seeking guidance on Kentucky state divorce laws regarding the division of military pensions may also be vital, as these will likely depict how the subsequent process will unfold.

This may be a few examples of factors to cover regarding the role your military pension might play in your divorce, and seeking advice in addressing your situation may be integral to protecting your future.

Addressing your situation

There may be numerous essential topics to address when preparing for a military divorce. Since the outcome of your situation could have a significant impact on your life, it might be helpful to consider seeking advice on what to expect from and how best to prepare for the subsequent process. In doing so, you could find yourself in a better position in which to make informed choices about all your available options and develop a strategy to seek the best outcome achievable regarding your future during divorce proceedings.