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April 2017 Archives

New state law presumes equal parenting

Kentucky lawmakers successfully passed new legislation recently that levels the playing field for many parents when it comes to child custody arrangements. Under the new law, courts hearing child custody cases will begin from a place of presumed joint custody, meaning many more parents may soon be sharing parenting duties and privileges.

What if I fear my child's other parent may kidnap them?

For many parents who share custody or visitation rights with a child's other parent, there is a constant fear in the back of their minds that the other parent may do something rash and kidnap the child. Of course, this is a normal fear that many parents have, and the vast majority of parents never have to face this fear in reality. However, any parent who fears parental kidnapping by a child's other parent can take specific steps to protect their child in case their fears are realized.

How can I protect my business in a divorce?

If you are a business owner facing a divorce, you are most certainly coming to terms with the fact that your business could end up chopped up and divided like any of your other assets at the negotiation table. For many businesses, this is a fatal blow. Like many business owners, you may be searching for a way to ensure that your business can survive your divorce and remain intact. Well, there's good news and bad news. The good is that it is possible for your business to weather the storm of your divorce and make it to the other side in one piece. The bad news is that it will likely require some significant sacrifices on your part.

Will divorce derail my retirement?

As many Kentucky couples know, finances are one of the leading concerns of both spouses during a divorce. If you have concerns about your financial security after your marriage is over, you are not alone. Your financial future is an important factor to consider in any divorce agreement, but you will find it beneficial to think not only about your short-term stability, but about your long-term well-being as well.