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October 2017 Archives

Pursuing nonparental custody of a child

Seeking custody of a child is always a complex process, even in favorable conditions. However, when individuals other than the biological parents of a child choose to seek custody, they must prepare themselves for a difficult path to caring for the child they love. While courts generally prefer to keep a child with his or her parents, certain situational justifications of placing the child elsewhere do deserve consideration.

Defining your priorities in divorce

When divorce makes it's way to the front and center of a relationship, it is often difficult to maintain perspective, especially in the early stages. It is crucial for spouses who hope to make the most of their divorce or avoid unnecessary difficulties in the process to identify their individual goals in the divorce.

Do you know what counts as your marital property?

Until a marriage begins to fall apart, many spouses see no reason to concern themselves with which of them legally owns what. After all, part of the appeal of marriage is the "what's mine is yours and what's yours is mine" aspect of the relationship. Unfortunately, this often makes things much more difficult when it comes time to separate property in a divorce.

A temporary child custody order may help your divorce

Sometimes, when a couple reaches the point of divorce, it is very difficult to reach a fair agreement about how each parent will share and contribute to child care throughout the divorce. Until the court approves a child custody plan near the end of the divorce process, some parents need help playing fair with each and the child's needs. In some cases, one parent may even claim that the other parent is guilty of parental kidnapping.